Important information about what to expect at your first consultation.

In preparation of your first consultation there are several things that are most helpful to know, this page outlines the information that you’ll need to bring with you and what I’m likely to ask you during the consultation.

It is very helpful if you could complete and bring in the following Patient Information Form containing basic demographic information about you.

I need a letter of referral from another clinician. This could be your general practitioner or other hospital consultant.

I will almost certainly ask you for details about:

Your past medical history

  • Have you ever been diagnosed with a medical condition?
  • Have you ever been admitted to hospital?
  • Have you ever had surgery?
  • Any allergies to medical drugs?

Your current medications

Many people cannot remember all the drugs they are on. Sometimes the names are complicated or there are just too many. Never fear, you are not alone. Feel free to bring your medications in or even better bring a list.

Your family history of cancer

This includes persons directly related to you such as parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, children, siblings.
When it comes to family history it is useful to know who had cancer and at what age was it diagnosed. This information can help decide if there may be a genetic issue that needs investigating further. Sometimes other family members may need to be checked to make sure they are clear.

Your social circumstances

It can be very helpful to know certain things about your family circumstances. I’m not being nosey. Unfortunately cancer affects the whole family unit and I often have to speak with relatives. It is very helpful to know who’s who.

A detailed assessment of your situation will allow
the development of a tailored programme to treat
your cancer.