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Cancer information

Information and advice for my patients and their carers.

This section is designed to try and answer questions that I’m often asked by patients. My aim is to try and explain certain aspects of cancer care in simple language. This is not a resource of definitive cancer advice and is not a substitute for a formal oncology opinion.

I work closely with a team of colleagues who complement my services through their individual expertise. They include radiotherapists, lung surgeons, liver surgeons, chest physicians, radiologists and palliative care physicians. Additionally, I have close links with specialist nurses and can access complimentary care, physio and occupational therapists.
Over time the information and advice on this page will be added to.

What is chemotherapy?

Putting it simply, chemotherapy describes the use of drugs to treat cancers. Drugs can be given in many ways but the vast majority are either intravenous (drips) or tablets. We often think of chemotherapy in terms of “old” drugs and the newer “targeted” drugs. In general, chemotherapy is given in 3 situations termed adjuvant, neoadjuvant or palliative. These terms are explained below. The following video was made by my cancer centre and details many of the questions patients have about chemotherapy.

Please do not hesitate to ask if you have a question or
need further clarification on any aspects of your care.