Specialist treatment for cancer patients

I am a Consultant Medical Oncologist specialising in treating patients suffering from Thoracic cancers, mesothelioma and unknown primaries
I see both NHS & private patients at various locations in London and Kent.

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As a Medical Oncologist I specifically specialise in drug treatments for cancers. This includes a wide range of agents including traditional chemotherapy or newer targeted drugs such as kinase inhibitors, antibodies or immunotherapies. Depending on the situation these drugs may be given alone or in many different combinations. I have a specialist interest in new cancer drugs and strive to ensure my patients always get the most effective treatments.

Cancer types and treatments

As a Medical Oncologist I specifically specialise in drug treatments for the following cancers.

Lung cancers

These include Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer, Small Cell lung Cancer, Thymoma, Thymic Carcinoma and other rare thoracic tumours


This is a cancer of the pleura.

Unknown primary

These are cancers where the originating organ cannot be determined. This also includes expertise in Acute Oncology and managing patients who are suspected of having cancer.

Please also visit the cancer information page for answers to questions I’m often asked by my patients about cancer care in general.


Frequently asked questions at a glance.

Who do I treat?

I treat patients with cancers of the chest and unknown primary. More about each of these cancers above.

Where do I treat?

I treat patients across several hospitals in London and West Kent. Visit the contact page for a full list of institutions at which I am able to supervise cancer treatment.

What are the costs of treatment?

Most of my private patients have private medical insurance which covers the costs of treatment. My fees are reimbursed by all major insurance companies. See my fees page for more information.

What is a Medical Oncologist?

A Medical Oncologist is a physician who specialises in the use of medication to treat cancers. Visit my Cancer Information page for more questions about the treatment of cancer.

What are my qualifications?

I qualified in 1994, am a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of London and trained at The Royal Marsden Hospital. I have a PhD from Imperial College and a Certificate of Specialist Training in Medical Oncology. Find out more about me.

How do I book an appointment?

Please contact my secretary to book an appointment at one of the hospitals where I supervise cancer treatment.


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